What is Computer Forensics or Digital Forensics?

Simply put, computer forensics or digital forensics is investigating what has taken place on a computer, server, smartphone or other piece of electronic device that stores data. A computer investigation oftentimes starts in response to intellectual property theft, trade secret theft or fraud. Sometimes its simply employees taking information to a new employer or attempting to start their own business, all of which can proven by examining the computer or smartphone in the course of a computer forensics examination. The process of assembling evidentiary data for your case requires the knowledge of hardware architecture, software systems and the legal process. This knowledge has allowed us to recover thousands of pieces of data and other electronic evidence for organizations, law firms and individuals across the country, while maintaining the necessary chain of custody and data integrity crucial in a digital forensics case. The proper acquisition and analysis of this data are paramount in computer forensics. Electronic evidence in the course of a case involving digital forensics or computer forensics is oftentimes the deciding factor in the outcome of a criminal or civil action. For more information on the process, click HERE.

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What makes Swailes Different?

Easy, we are investigators first and foremost. While information technology (I.T.) professionals are well skilled and equipped to manage the various data systems in use today, by and large investigating an incident to build a case is not their strong suit (nor are they typically licensed investigators). Having said that, we routinely work hand in hand with I.T. personnel in the course of an investigation, helping to obtain forensic data or allowing us access to restricted areas and servers as necessary.

Lost that confidential file and don't know who to trust to retrieve it?

Cases involving intellectual property theft, sexual harassment, employment discrimination, and premise liability can be won or lost solely by presenting recovered e-mail messages and other electronic files and records to the courts or other administrative proceedings. If an attempt has been made to delete, erase, or otherwise hide critical evidence, you need experienced, competent forensic examiners who are actual investigators. Swailes & Company has led the search and retrieval of the "smoking gun" to locate data that would otherwise be thought of as permanently lost.  If we can touch the drive, more often than not, we can recover the data.

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