Due Diligence Investigations

With Due Diligence investigations, Swailes & Company provides key decision-making information to our clients who are entering into business relationships with companies or individuals. Vetting candidates for Boards of Directors, employing high level executives, or considering a merger, acquisition, joint venture or investment are all scenarios where this information is valuable. This type of investigation gives the client the ability to make an informed decision prior to entering into situations that could affect the profitability or reputation of their company long term.

Not only do we verify information provided by the parties, but we develop additional information that can identify areas of concern, such as previous criminal, civil or financial matters. Knowledge of previous issues involving fraud, breach of contract or bankruptcies can be instrumental in making enlightened business decisions.

We also conduct research to ensure compliance with federal mandates, such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) sanctions, or debarred parties, utilizing proprietary global compliance databases and human intelligence that can identify politically exposed persons (PEP), serious crimes, or questionable affiliations.

While our research is tailored to the specific needs of the scenario, a typical due diligence investigation generally includes the following research:

Failure to exercise due diligence can be very costly to all parties, resulting in the loss of profit, reputation and opportunities. If you are looking at an individual who will have a fiduciary stake in your business, you are investing in or acquiring a business or you are simply entering into a business relationship with another individual or company, Swailes & Company can provide you with the detailed information needed to make the decisions that can protect you and your business.

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