Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

Swailes has been performing technical surveillance counter measures surveys or TSCM “bugsweeps” since the mid 90’s, though not typically the way that television or hollywood portray. A typical TSCM survey (or sweep) encompassing just a few offices will take our team several hours and includes a thorough examination in and around the specificed area for clandestine technical surveillance devices or evidence of such devices having been there. Items uncovered in the course of an debugging examination include:

      Hidden Cameras
Wired & Wireless Listening Devices
      Telephone Line Taps
Carrier Current Bugs
      Instrument Modifications
      Laser Listening Devices
Unsecured Documents

Some particulars on our process include perfoming a radio frequence (RF) spectrum evaluation covering the frequency range from 10 KHz to 21 GHz and all signals encountered will be evaluated for their AM, FM, video and sub-carrier composition. The survey will also include the investigation of any devices on the power lines to detect the presence of very low frequency (VLF) RF transmitters, such as carrier current parasitic devices, radiating intercoms and public adress systems. The telephone instruments and lines themselves in the area of the survey will be examined for the presence of RF emaniations. Additionally and most importantly, an extensive, electronically enhanced, non-destructive, physical examination of the area to locate any items or devices not detected during the radio and telephone portions of the examination will be performed in the specified areas to include storage areas, ceilings, air conditioning ducts, electrical outlets, switches, picture frames, furniture and plants. This physical portion of our survey is oftentimes the most time consuming and is what sets us apart from others who spend moments in a room with a “bug detector” then call it swept.

Not knowing and understanding your vulnerabilities can have a swift and lasting effect on your business. Personal, emotional, and financial damages caused by a breach are oftentimes devastating. A professional “sweep” can help mitigate such a scenario.

For additional information or to discuss your specific needs, contact Ted Swailes at 713-361-5222 or via email.