Security Related Training

As an adjunct to our services, Swailes provides training to security professionals, employees, and executives with experience in corporate environments as well as the university postgraduate level. We can develop a customized training program based on your unique needs and environment, whether actual classroom setting or distance learning.

Security Professional Training

Security professionals face the challenge of remaining current with best practices, new technologies, legal issues, and potential solutions to mitigate risk for individuals and companies. Swailes is uniquely suited to train and mentor security professionals on a broad range of topics including but not limited to:

    Security Program Development
Crisis Planning & Response
    Vulnerability Assessments
Risk Analysis
    Travel Programs
Kidnap & Ransom
    Executive Protection
Intellectual Property Protection
Legal Issues

Staff Level Physical Security and Personal Safety Training

Security programs are in place to protect your people, intellectual property, assets, and other interests from countless threats while also ensuring compliance with laws and regulations. These programs can only be successful if there is a robust security culture and everyone understands their roles and responsibilities. The human interface is usually the weakest link. All employees should be cognizant of the warning signs that could lead to violence, know how to react to environmental threats, handle intimidation, or what to do in emergencies. Our training is designed to create that kind of awareness where security is enhanced through appropriate employee participation. Areas of training include but are not limited to:

      Workplace Violence
Introduction to Security Policy & Programs
      Personal Safety
Access Control
      Active Shooter Response
Sensitive/Proprietary Information Control
      Crisis Plans & Drills
Identity Theft

Executive Training

Executives face unique security challenges as they are often targeted by criminals, travel frequently, and are themselves highly valued assets of the organization. The broader executive support group such as drivers, pilots, and assistants are also impacted and need to be fully aware and integrated into programs and procedures designed to mitigate these risks. Swailes has extensive experience working with the c-suite and understands the challenges. Training that is practical, relevant, and reduces the risk to this group includes the following:

      Driving Training
Security Program Overview
      Personal Defense
Executive Travel Concerns
      Lodging Security
Intellectual Property Protection
      Executive Protection Detail

For additional information or to discuss your specific needs, contact us at 713-977-7600 or via email.