Investigations - The foundation of Swailes & Co.

From inception, Swailes & Company, Inc. has been an investigative firm. In fact, the mindset of a seasoned investigator is at the core of all Company segments. Whether it’s Investigations, Digital Forensics, Intellectual Property Protection, or Employment Backgrounds, you’ll find 3 common traits:

• Investigative curiosity
• Strong desire for truth
• Professional Integrity

When you should not engage Swailes & Company Investigators

If you’re looking for an investigator to support a predefined position without regard to opposing facts, we would not be the best fit.

When you should consider Swailes & Company Investigators

If you’re a business or law firm needing investigative muscle to discover and document the truth, this is where we shine. It’s why publicly traded companies, privately owned enterprises and leading law firms have engaged Swailes & Co for more than 25 years.

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