Investigations have been our foundation for over 20 years.

During that time we’ve worked investigative matters ranging from complex fraud schemes and foreign corrupt practice act (FCPA) violations to simple employee theft. We routinely work with CEO’s, general counsels, and other senior staff members in the course of our investigations. Communication with all levels of an organization and understanding the business sensitivity is critical to a successful investigation.

Typical Matters include:

      Theft Investigations
Asset Searches
      Financial Fraud Investigations
Due Diligence
      Workplace Violence
Mortgage Fraud
      Forensic Accounting
Intellectual Property Protection
      Confilcts of Interest
Corporate Policy Investigations
Business Investigations
      Oil Field Investigations
White Collar Investigations

Our approach is simple, listen to your concerns, evaluate your issues, develop a strategy, and present recommendations that best address those concerns. The strategy to deal with your investigation may be simple, complex, or something in-between. It may involve simple fixes, internal changes in an organization, assistance with the criminal and/or civil process, or maybe no investigation at all but just some practical advice from our experience. The bottom line is that our approach to your investigation will be in your best interests.

A Swailes & Company investigation means:

  • Developing Relevant Information = Client Based Relevant Results
  • Corporate Experience = Understanding Business Sensitivity
  • Knowledge of Criminal & Civil Justice System = Efficient, Effective & Legal Resolutions
  • Honesty & Integrity = Trust & Reliability

Take a look at our experience in the investigative arena and if fits your investigative needs, give us a call. We’ll be glad to discuss your concerns with no obligation. No hard sell just professional advice and experience.

For additional information or to discuss your specific needs, contact us at 713-977-7600 or via email.