About Us

Swailes & Company has been in the investigative business for over 20 years. In that time Swailes has served multi-national companies, major law firms and government agencies representing diverse sectors, including the following:

Oil Field Services
Medical Equipment
Oil Gas Pipeline Industries
          Real Estate
Military Equipment Production
Software Development
          Financial Services
Major Deep Sea Ports
Governmental Agencies
          Property Management
Professional Sports
          Cruise Lines

If you want to know the best information available that relates to your investigative and security needs, give us a try. You can be certain that the results and effort will be based on a solid, factual foundation that will be delivered in a clear, concise and legal way. We want an ongoing business relationship with you and we are willing to commit to it. We’re also confident that when you try us, you’ll not only call us again, you’ll tell your associates. Customer service is not just a department at Swailes & Company, it’s “what we do.”

Give us a call...You have nothing to lose, and information to gain!