Digital Computer Sweeps

A digital sweep or digital surveillance countermeasures survey is the natural progression of two services, namely TSCM surveys or “bugsweeps” and computer forensics. Make no mistake, this is above and beyond a simple virus check or malware scan. The fact is that a computer or a smartphone combined with the right software makes for an excellent bugging device. It has the unique capability of capturing either a firsthand conversation or even obtaining both sides of a telephone call with a smartphone. Consequently you need a unique review of your smartphone to sure no one has “bugged” it. These devices retain emails, pictures, documents, screen captures, and they are all easily accessible when it comes to a properly installed computer “bug”. They can be sent clandestinely to an online server accessible by the offending party or simply to an email address, none of which will be apparent to you, the victim. The unfortunate thing is neither your virus protection nor malware scanner are likely to find these installed programs.

What does a Digital Sweep search for?

      Fraud Tools
      Exploit Scanners
Password Crackers
      Peer-to-Peer Software
Remote Access

The Culprits?

Employees (current and previous), business partners, unscrupulous competitors, competing sales associates, we’ve seen a wide range of cases involving people who would have never been suspected. What’s more is that it was assumed the offending party did not have the technical know how to obtain the information. Oftentimes it’s as easy as sending an attachment via email, that’s all it takes.

If you suspect you’ve been the victim of a digital bugging or to just discuss your specific concerns, contact Ted Swailes at 713-361-5222 or via email.