Federal Criminal, Civil & Bankruptcy Records

A search of criminal records at the federal level identifies crimes in which the defendant was investigated or prosecuted by any federal agency (FBI, CIA, ATF, DEA, ICE, etc.). Records found at the federal courts are not available at the county level. Common charges include Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud, Drug and Human Trafficking, SEC violations, etc.

Federal civil records are maintained for all 94 federal courts nationwide and all cases involve federal or U.S. constitutional law or interstate commerce. Typically, we search the case files and docket sheets by name, company name or case number; in some instances, we can obtain copies of the documents relating to the cases.

Bankruptcies are filed in the federal U.S. Bankruptcy Courts in the appropriate jurisdictions and include Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Adversary Proceedings, and other bankruptcy actions. In many cases, we can obtain valuable information on the individual or entity from the documents relating to these cases.

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